Man, 23, on Tape Told Caradori He saw 16 or 17 Sex Incidents

Posted on March 2, 2011


April 5, 1990 (article text)

A 23 year old man said in a video-taped interview with an investigator for a legislative committee that he decided to talk about his homosexual experiences because he wanted to see the men he was involved with pay for what he said they did to him and other minors.

The man told the investigator, Gary Caradori, that he saw at least 16 or 17 young boys or girls sexually abused by the men.

The allegation was included in excerpts shown on KETV – Channel 7 Tuesday night of taped interviews conducted by Caradori for the legislative committee investigating the matters stemming from the failure of the Franklin Community Federal Credit Union.

The man said he committed homosexual acts with adults for three years when he was a teenager.

The man is the one who said in a telephone interview with the World-Herald in February that he was paid to perform the homosexual acts with adults in Omaha and other cities so he could get cocaine.

He said on the tape that he would be willing to talk “because I would like to see them all burn in hell. It is sick. I’ve been living with it for quite a few years.”

Caradori asked the young man why he hadn’t told his story sooner. “I’m really scared of these guys,” the main said.

Caradori: “You do fear for your life, don’t you?”

Young man: “I know these are the kind of people who are totally capable even now to eliminate my life and get away with it.”

The Man wasn’t identified, and his face was made unrecognizable on the KETV report.

Earlier, a person who spoke on condition of anonymity told the Lincoln Journal that the 23 year-old and another young man weren’t truthful in their videotaped statements to Caradori. That person said the two had “failed” lie detector tests conducted by the FBI.

Three other people later told the World-Herald that one or both of the young men hadn’t passed the FBI’s lie detector tests or that at least one of the men may have changed his account in some respects. All three spoke on condition they not be identified.

The 23 year-old man is one of the three people who told Caradori on videotape that they were sexually abused when they were minors.

The tapes became key parts of investigations that have been conducted by the FBI and State Patrol, and they were to be viewed by the Douglas County grand jury investigating the sexual abuse allegations.

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