King is Transported to Minnesota

Posted on March 2, 2011


April 5, 1990 (article text)

Lawrence E. King, Jr., manager-treasurer of the failed Franklin Community Federal Credit Union, was taken Wednesday to a federal prison hospital in Minnesota to undergo court-ordered psychiatric treatment.

U.S. Marshal Thomas O’Hara said Kind was transported by car and under guard to the U.S. Medical Facility at Rochester, Minn.

A second federal prisoner was placed in the car with King and was to be taken to another institution on the way to Rochester, O’Hara said.  He declined to identify the other prisoner or institution.

U.S. District Judge William Cambridge ordered King to Rochester after ruling Tuesday that King was mentally incompetent to stand trial on 40 felony charges arising from the failure of Franklin.

King is expected to undergo therapy and receive medication for a condition a psychiatrist said in a court document is “delusional paranoid disorder, grandiose type.”

The treatment is expected to delay King’s trial on charges of conspiracy, fraud, and federal tax evasion.  The trial had been scheduled to begin June 4.

King was indicted last may along with his wife, Alice, who was named in 12 felony counts of conspiracy and fraud.  Both were freed without bond after their arrests May 19.

King was taken into custody Feb. 7 at the order of a federal magistrate and sent to the U.S. Medical Facility at Springfield, Mo. for a mental health evaluation.

After being returned to Omaha March 18, King was held at Emmanuel Medical Center until his removal Wednesday to Rochester.

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