Caradori’s Partner – 8/14/1990

Posted on February 22, 2011


The following is an transcription of the investigative report written by Caradori’s investigative partner, Karen Ormiston.

The document, titled “Investigative Report,”  was transcribed from a JPG image copy of the original document (which I believe was made public online by Nick Bryant, author of The Franklin Scandal).   I am transcribing these to HTML so that these pages may be indexed in Google’s search results, thereby allowing more people to find this information.  The original file can be seen here, and it should be noted that typos were copied as they appear in the original.


Investigative Report

Case Name:  Franklin Credit Union/Investigation

Report Date:  August 14, 1990

Report By:  Karen J. Ormiston, Private Investigator

On the above date this writer telephoned Jody, Senator Schmit’s assistant, reference Wally Magnuss reviewing the reports generated by Jerry Lowe after his interview with Wally.  Jody indicated that having Wally read the reports would be fine.

This writer then proceeded to Omaha, Nebraska, in order to meet with Wally Magnuss.  Upon arriving at the pre-arranged location, this writer conducted general conversation and then gave Wally the report to read.  After Wally read the report, he indicated that everything in the report was true and that he really didn’t have anything else to add.  I informed Wally that any information he could gain reference this investigation would be very helpful.  He stated that he was moving to Council Bluffs, Iowa, later this week, but that he would continue to cooperate with this writer.  I did ask Wally if he remembered a body guard which fits the description of Larry the Kid.  He stated that he was pretty sure that he did, and that he would be able to find out who this individual is.

This writer then proceeded to Blair, Nebraska, to visit with a former police officer of Boys Town, Nebraska, identified as [DETACTED]. address [DETACTED], Blair, Nebraska, telephone [DETACTED].

Upon arriving in Blair, this writer telephoned [DETACTED] and requested that he meet me at a local Pizza hut.  After [DETACTED] arrived the following information was gained.  Please note that I do have a resume of Mr. Kupres who had remitted his resume in hopes of obtaining an investigative position with Caracorp, Inc.

[DETACTED] indicated that he had worked as a police officer for Boys Town for approximately three years.  He stated that he had run the license plates on a vehicle which was registered to Larry King several times, but that his superiors had directed him to “leave it alone”.

[DETACTED] went on to state that he had been “framed” for sexual assault on his daughter, who was residing with him at Boys Town at the time.  He stated that Boys Town officials gave him a choice between jail or resigning.  He stated that he then resigned.  He also stated that he had been charged with a Misdemeanor reference this matter.  This occurred in the latter part of 1987.

[DETACTED] went on to state that his former partner, Steve Obradovich, had also resigned, and that other officers at Boys Town knew that he had been framed for this charge.  He stated that he would talk to his partner and arrange a meeting between his partner and this writer.

He indicated that his supervisor at Boys Town was Chief Robert Allbreight.

[DETACTED] also stated that his mother worked at Boys Town for approximately 9 1/2 years and that she would have information reference questionable activities at Boys Town.  A meeting will also be set up between myself and [DETACTED]’s mother.

This writer then returned to Lincoln, Nebraska.

End of report.

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