Caradori’s Investigative Notes – 2/19/1990

Posted on February 20, 2011


The following is an transcription of  Gary Caradori’s notes on several topics related to the Franklin Investigation.

The document, titled “Investigative Notes,”  was transcribed from a JPG image copy of the original document (which I believe was made public online by Nick Bryant, author of The Franklin Scandal).   I am transcribing these to HTML so that these pages may be indexed in Google’s search results, thereby allowing more people to find this information.  The original file can be seen here, and it should be noted that typos were copied as they appear in the original.



February 19, 1990


1. Joanie Gregory: She is a social worker for DSS.  She is responsible for investigating families who are applying for foster care licenses  Her duties also include on-site checks when renewal of a foster care license is needed.

Approximately 2.5 years ago she was inspecting the home of Jarrett and Barbara Webb for a renewal of their license.  She felt the environment was not right (specifics not available) and wrote a letter to DSS in Lincoln.  She received no response.  After a couple of months, she wrote a letter to the Omaha Police Department regarding the same situation with the Webb’s.  She was then contacted by the FBI.  In the meantime she had tried to do some research on her own, but evidently some files were missing.  To this writer’s knowledge, a letter was not written to the FBI.  The FBI informed Joanie Gregory that it would probably be in her best interests if she “forgot this information.”

Ms. Gregory is a long-time employee of DSS.  She evidently was abused as a child.   She related this abuse to a potential foster care couple within the past few weeks.  It is recommended that we contact Prudy within the Nebraska Children’s Home, as she did witnessed this. She also may be able to shed some light on Ms. Gregory’s emotional state at this time.  Prudy may also have further information.

2. I was informed that LK [Larry King] was sent to Missouri for observation because the Secret Service had discovered that he had purchased a ticket to Governor Orr’s breakfast with President Bush.  LK was approached at a local florist shop, and was rushed to court by the Secret Service, or at their demand.  This was so sudden that LK’s attorney’s were unaware of what was going on.

3. It was reported that LK is receiving money from a black Baptist Church in Omaha, during this investigation.  The setup is that six individuals are donating 600.00 to the church each month for a total of 3,600.00.  The church in turn donates 3,000.00 per month to LK and keeps 600.00 for the church.  It was reported that LK’s usual church, a Presberterian church, was approached to do this, however, they refused to cooperate.

4. Charles Miller: Mr Miller was and still may be involved in a program developed by the state Games and Parks Commission.  It is a “hunting and safety” class.  Young people who are not old enough to obtain hunting licenses can attend this six to eight hour class and receive a permit to hunt.  This program is underwritten by the state and run by volunteers.  Miller was a volunteer in this programe.  The percentage of students going through his class was very high, compared to the other volunteers.

Notes 2/19/90

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