Caradori Report – 4/20/1990

Posted on February 20, 2011


The following is an transcription of  Gary Caradori’s written description of several phone calls he made on April 20th, 1990.

The document, titled “Investigative Report,”  was transcribed from a JPG image copy of the original document (which I believe was made public online by Nick Bryant, author of The Franklin Scandal).   I am transcribing these to HTML so that these pages may be indexed in Google’s search results, thereby allowing more people to find this information.  The original file can be seen here, and it should be noted that typos were copied as they appear in the original.



Case Name:  FCU/Investigation

Report Date: April 20, 1990

Report By:  Gary A. Caradori, Special Investigator

On the above date this writer spent several hours receiving telephone calls.  One call was from Laura Edwards advising this writer that Larry wanted to visit with me in the near future.  I informed her I would make arrangements for Saturday.

Further this writer received a telephone call from Cindy Craig, sister of Gary Sorgenfrei.  Briefly, Cindy told this writer that the FBI and a member of the State Patrol were harassing her brother and trying to get him to talk about things he just didn’t know about.  She stated that her brother is extremely scared.  He wants to tell the truth, however, he felt extremely uncomfortable with the FBI and the State Patrol Investigators.  She stated that a Phillips and FBI Agent Coulter were very harsh with her brother.  Prior to ending the conversation, Cindy stated that she would help this writer anyway she could and she told me to give her a call sometime around April 25th.  She indicated that she would make arrangements to come to Omaha and arrange to this writer to take a statement from Gary, her brother.

At approximately 1415, this writer received a telephone call from Alisha Owen.  She talked about the FBI hinting to her that if she changed her story that they would insure that they would “go after” this writer and Mike Casey for “fabricating” an investigation.  She informed me that she had not fabricated any part of any story and that she was sticking to the story she told me, and that she wished me well.  For my own protection, I tape recorded the conversation which lasted approximately 30 minutes.

It should be noted that the name that Senator Loran Schmit had given this writer as being the individual working at Classic Foods, should be Jeff Coffee and not Scott Coffee as previously noted.

End of report

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