Notes from Gary Caradori’s Widow

Posted on February 16, 2011


The following is an transcription of  Sandi Caradori’s written account of her dealings with Troy Boner and the FBI following the death of her husband. 

The document, titled “Investigative Notes,”  were transcribed from a JPG image copy of the original document (which I believe was made public online by Nick Bryant, author of The Franklin Scandal).   I am transcribing these to HTML so that these pages may be indexed in Google’s search results, thereby allowing more people to find this information.  The original file can be seen here, and it should be noted that typos were copied as they appear in the original.


Investigative Notes

The following is a written account of the happenings on July 11, 1990, and July 12, 1990, regarding telephone calls and conversations with Troy Boner.

I need to preface this writing by explaining that in the course of the Franklin Credit Union investigation, many calls were received at our home from Troy Boner.  I was familiar with the individual’s voice and can be 100% assured that I did, in fact, receive the telephone calls from him.  In the early evening of Wednesday, July 11, 1990, several telephone calls were received at our home by an individuals identifying himself as “Troy.”  Difference individuals answered the telephone and took the message from him.  I was either talking to other visitors at our home or in no shape to come to the telephone.  In any event, if necessary I can supply names of the parties who can attest to the fact that a “Troy” called for me during that evening.

Later in the evening, Troy again called and I was able to go to the telephone.  It should be noted that I did not initiate the call, nor did I know what, if anything he wanted to speak to me about.

The following is a synopsis of the conversation:

SC: Sandi Caradori

TB: Troy Boner

SC:  This is Sandi Caradori… Troy, what do you want to say?

SC:  Troy, that is the least of my worries.  How are you?

TB:  I am so sorry.  I am so sorry.  He shouldn’t have died.

SC:  What are you saying Troy?  What are you trying to tell me?

TB:  Gary wasn’t lying.  He didn’t tell me what to say.  What I told him was the truth.  (He spoke very rapidly as if fighting back tears.)  They made me take it back.  The threatened me.

SC:  Troy,  you should tell someone… Do you want me to call Senator Schmit?  You need to come out with the truth once and for all.  Troy, what has happened?

TB:  You don’t understand, they threatened me.  They made me take it back.  I was so scared.

(At this point I felt I needed someone else to hear this so I asked Troy to tell what he had just told me to our son, Sean.)

SC:  Troy, I want you to talk to Sean, Gary’s 16-year old son.  Please tell him, alright?

TB:  Yeah, sure.

Sean:  Yeah, man what do you want?

I, along with the ten to 15 other people in our kitchen/family room heard Sean’s portion of the conversation as follows:

Sean:  Okay buddy, you need to do it for my Dad, man.  Okay… Okay…

(I got back on the telephone and told him I would try to contact Senator Schmit or Karen.  He said he’d be at 341-3031 but only for a short time.  He said he was going to be “on the move” or something to that effect.  He further stated, “I’ll go to anyone who’ll listen.  I’ll go without my lawyer.  I’m gonna come clean.”

He then asked if I would talk with his mother.  She wanted to talk.  I said, “Of course”.

Troy’s mother’s voice was familiar.  She had called our house several times for Gary.  One time she wanted to know if she could get reimbursed for collect telephone calls from Troy.  She even said that Gary told her he’d pay for it, etc.  Gary was home but didn’t want to speak with her so I took the call and listened to what she had to say.  She said that the telephone company was going to disconnect her telephone.  Later, Gary said it was just a ploy and he was disturbed that she said that Gary had told her that he would take care of the telephone bill.  Troy’s mother related the following:

Mrs. Boner:  Mrs. Caradori, I am so sorry.  I’m so sorry.  This is such a tragedy.  I knew something happened to Troy.  He got so scared just before he changed his story.  They were threatening him.  I knew he shouldn’t have backed away from the truth (or some similar expression).

Troy then got back on the telephone and I repeatedly asked that he would promise me that he would come through for me, for Gary, and for A.J.  He said. “I promise… Tomorrow… To anyone who will listen… the FBI, the news — anyone.”

I was unable to reach Senator Schmit and it was almost 11:30PM.  I thought that I should let Troy do this on his own in the morning.

The next day I did not hear anything on the television or the radio and I really felt that Troy had probably backed away.  That evening he called me again.  He said, Sandi, I tried, I tried.  I went to Mickey Mott and ______ (FBI Agents).  They laughed at me.  They said they spent too much time and money on this case now for me to change my story.  I also went to Frank Brown but he said he didn’t want to take a statement because of my Grand Jury testimony.”

Troy sounded very down and disappointed, as was I.  I related that I would let Karen know as well as Senator Schmit and that maybe they could help.  Troy agreed.

The next day we planned a short meeting at the office to confirm our standing in the business for our Lincoln staff.  I arrived at the office at approximately 9:30 AM and found out that the FBI was in Karen’s office service Caracorp, Inc. with a subpoena.  I was extremely upset because the timing certainly left much to be desired.  I opened the closed door and noted two FBI agents, Karen Ormiston, and our security director, Joe Hebenstreit.  They were all seated in the office.  I said, “I don’t think I need to introduce myself.  What are you doing here?  I can’t believe this.”

The smaller individual stammered a bit and looked at Karen and said, “Who… who is this?” “She’s Gary’s widow.”  He then halfway stood up and extended his hand as if to shake mine and expressed his/their sympathy.  The whole ordeal was extremely unprofessional.  He then looked over his shoulder at the other agent, gave him a smirk, and shook his head.  He identified himself as Micky Mott.  I again voiced my outrage and they indicated that Gary had been expecting this subpoena.  The said that they were trying to deliver the subpoena when they received the news about the airplane crash on the radio.  I sincerely question this.

I then asked them directly whether Troy Boner had tried to speak with them on the previous day.  Mr. Mott said, “We can’t confirm or deny that.”  I indicated that I did deserve an answer.  Mr. Mott then said, “Yeah, he came to the office but we can’t waste our time with him.  He has lost all credibility.”  I said, “Gentlemen, he is still a US citizen and deserves to be heard.”

End of notes.

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